Group Manuals and Tutorials

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Manuals and Tips


Linux PC Manual
Updated Jan 14th 2011

Linux server Manual
Updated Jun 29th 2010

Linux server Manual
Updated Aug 25th 2010

How to regain control over a stolen IP address
Updated Jan 25th 2011




UNIX tutorial / .tar file
Updated Jul 29th 2010

Q-Chem tutorial / Basis set summary
Updated Oct 13rd 2010, Uploaded Dec 13rd 2010

Coding tutorial for newcomer
Updated Mar 23rd 2012

SGE Tutorial
Updated Jul 2nd 2012

GROMACS tutorial / .tar file
Updated Nov 20th 2013


To make

Backup Manual
Not updated yet!!

Security Manual
Not updated yet!!

Repair Manual
Not updated yet!!

Not updated yet!!

MOLPRO Tutorial
Not updated yet!!